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A new recording project has strongly been emerging on the dance scene. the protagonist is an artist who is engaged in the production of the show and entertainment: LUCA PINTO. 

He is not only an entertainer but he created  a satirical group as well “THE BOROTALKO”, who partecipated also in the world of the television thanks to the program of ZELIG. In this way the group has known all over Italy.

Now Luca Pinto has creating his first recording called “OH LADY”  with the help of  musicians and singers . This project involves the current fashion of ZUMBA, a dance fitness program with a latin style that involves hip hop, soca, samba, merengue and mambo.

“OH LADY” is a song recorded by “FK” and arranged by Pinto and  the well-known producer “DJ PANICO”. This song will be the soundtrack of this summer thanks to its solar and cheerful style.

The song is edited by SMAYRA PUBLISHING and it will be available on all the online store all over the world.


Listen to the preview: