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Smayra Publishing, record label of Latin music, is pleased to present “Azafata”, the single which celebrates the return to the music scene of the great teacher, dancer and choreographer Johnny Vazquez.

After a few years of absence Johnny Vazquez is now back to sing with his wonderful voice, a song written and directed by DJ Fabrizio Zoro and skillfully arranged by the maestro and pianist Tony Velardi.

There were numerous guest musicians and singers that participated in this new single that is offered in a Radio Edit and Extended version.

The complete project was supervised by Fabrizio Zoro, who claimed that all parts of every instrument were strictly played live, such as the Latin musical tradition prescribes.

The excellent achieved musical result, in combination with the video clip in which Johnny and his dancers are able to give the best of themselves, takes an overwhelming emphasis.
The video, directed by Susanna Tadiello and edited for graphics and shootings by Matthew Pesaresi (Otra Fuente), can be watched in full version on all related online portals.

“Azafata”, which in Spanish means “flight attendant”, is an effective and energetic commercial salsa song, suitable for all those who dance Cuban or Puerto Rican Salsa, but it is just as interesting for a pachanga improvisation or to venture a rueda, referring – for those who feel about it – to the unique style of Michael Jackson.

Recorded at the “I Art Studios” and published by Smayra Publishing, “Azafata” is available in digital version at the major online music stores; the CD single will also be available in a limited edition in the best Latin Music shops.

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